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by Florence~



Florence was Steiner school educated and raised with Macrobiotics. She has been a practitioner of natural healing for 15 years in the UK and abroad. She is a caring, respectful and skillful healer ~ helping people to connect with their own true compass and realign their health.

 Florence Bio                                                       One of six siblings, I was born in the 80's to parents who had recently met as co-workers at the Macrobiotic Community Heath Foundation in Old Street, London. My mother already had a 5 your old son while living and studying Macrobiotics in America. 
 My parents helped set up the North London Rudolf Steiner School.  I  together with my younger and older siblings attended Rudolf Steiner Schools right through our Schooling.
We were one of the few families that also continued a Macrobiotic life style though out the years.
We grew up attending the Macro Summer Camp every summer in the UK and we would always never want to go home wishing that camp life could be  our life always!
When I was 18, I went to Alaska to Ionia, a macrobiotic community, where we had family friends. Here I found a group of people living macro camp as their life!  It caught my attention that in Ionia they placed an emphasis on thoughts creating our well-being, as much as food and environment. After I finished school I went back to Ionia  and spent a number of years living there. 
I had developed a serious eye condition at age 20, while in London from overwork and not taking care of my health. This eye condition led me on a path of experiencing many different styles of healing and then following on to study Chirokinetics, Breath work (ReBirthing), and deeper into Macrobiotics. I was touched by all the support I received and wished to be there for others in the best ways I knew how.  In this way I found an inner calling to become a healer.
I found a love for gardening while in Alaska as well as working with the children there on projects and adventures. In 2011 I had the opportunity to do the PDC (Permaculture Design Course) in London which was super and did the Permaculture Forest Gardening course too. I have participated and enjoyed working on number of Natural Building projects both in USA and UK. I have been getting a lot out of the studies of NVC from Marshall Rosenberg.
I often travel internationally so look up to see if I am going to be near you

My Experience. 
- Macrobiotic chef and teacher and healing coach for many years in UK and USA.
- Accompanying professionals on tour or in intensive work.
- Tailoring cooking for personal recovery of health. 
- Catering for events and gatherings.  and Children's parties.
- Medicinal Healing cooking, Celebrational Cooking,
- Cooking for Celebrities.
- Family+Children cooking - Looking after women before and after giving birth.
- Organizing healing retreats and festivals. 
- Front of house at Seed vegan macrobiotic restaurant in Venice beach LA. Supporting event and classes for Seed.
- Worked briefly in Brown field community in Japan.
- I was part of an Eco vision community project in UK for 3 years.
- Volunteered at Bioneers conferences, a summit calling for a revolution from the heart of nature.
- Ran the Teens program for the One World festival UK.
- Co hosted the Macrobiotic Association UK Gathering and events.
- Cooked for the Belgium macrobiotic summer festival. 
- Co- organised Ionia's international youth conferences.
- Cooked for Heath Classic California.
- Head Dessert chef Kushi conference Becket Mass.
- Cooked for French meadows Ohsawa Camp.
- I have experience with seaweed harvesting and drying in USA Japan and UK.
- Volunteering at the Aurora Steiner School in Anchorage.
- Teaching Ginger Compress Classes. 
- Teaching Do In.
- Leading Meditation.
- Guiding group  healing sessions.

 Teaching how to Make:  Miso, Pickles, Kraut, Natto, Tempeh, Seitan, Tofu Amasake, Mochi, natural rise Bread and Sprouts.

Florence is fully accredited in the following practices:

Peer Support Counselling
META Services, Inc,

Chirokinetics Practitioner
Collage of Chirokinetic Therepy, Cambridge

Re Birthing Practitioner
ReBirthing International

Macrobiotic Cook and Heath Coach
Macrobiotic Association UK

Permaculture Design
Permaculture Association

Florence had worked and taught in.
UK- London, South East England Hampshire, Derbyshire,  Scotland- Edinburgh
France- Brittany, Paris,
Germany- Berlin
Belgium-  Antwerp
USA- Alaska, California, Portland , New York,  New Jersey, Atlanta, Iowa,
Japan- Tokyp, Shikoku.

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Additional Training.
CKT Chirokinetic Advanced Miraculous healing.
Denny Waxman Strengthening Health Intensive.
Permaculture Design Certificate.
Montse Bradford's Energetics of Food.
Michio Kushi Lectures and seminars.
Healing with Light Language  Yantara Jiro.
Warren Kramer macrobiotics Intensive/ lectures and cooking classes
CERT officer, Community Emergency Response Team.
Dr Marc Van Cauwenberghe M.D Macrobiotic Home remedies.
Dr Marc Van Cauwenberghe Yin+Yang Therory.
Dr Marc Van Cauwenberghe Shiatsu Intensive,
Mayumi Nishimura Tai chi.
Michio Kushi Lectures
Philipe Kusnik Shiatsu
British School of Shiatsu 1st year.
Tomoko Mori Okido Yoga.
Qi Gong Eda Ascott
Teal Swan Synchronization workshops
Findhorn Exsperience week
Advanced Macrobiotic Counsellor Training Michael Rossoff.
Source your life Transformation Aima institute Kristiane Ravn Frost
Whole Heath and Wellness Mental Health and Trauma release Will Hall

Studied  in person  or Assisted:
Tomoko Mori
Teal Swan
Fanny Vanlaere
Yanta Jiro
Eucalyptus Dafydd
David Stevens
Michio Kushi
Dr Daoud Rached
Anna Mackenzie
Marion Price
Montse Bradford
Kristiane Ravn Frost
Phiya Kushi
Mark Hanna
Deco Nakajima
Eliza Eller
Jessica Porter
Michael Rossoff
Eric Lechasseur
Sanae Suzuki
Bob Lloyd
Sue Read
Nigel Walker
Shirley Roach
Niccola Willis
Judy Waxman
Claudine Taylor
Warren Kramer
Mayumi Nishimura
Maria Gillot
Setsuko Dawson
Susan Waxman
Gabriel Kushi
Simon Brown
Chico Varatojo
Verne Varona
Denny Waxman
Bill Tara
Michio Kushi
Oliver Cowmeadow
Marijke De Coninck
John Sandifer
Bill Spear
Adlebert Neilssen
Weike Neilssen
Neil Gulliver
Jan Vervecken
Meike Vervecken
Maria Serrano
Philip Kusnik
Dr Marc Van Cauwenberghe
Will Hall
Michael Zeeb
Amy Corzine
Uzi Pinkerfelt
Shizuko Yamamoto
Patrick McCarthy
Julia Ferré,
Cynthia & David Briscoe
Lino Stanchich
Susanne Jensen
Patrico Garcla de Paredes
Christina Pirello
Virginia Harper
Angelica Kushi

Flor Marques
Sachi Kato
Michael Chen
Dennis Kucinich
Alex Jack
Larry Kushi
Leonard Orr

Wellbeing  +  Health   +   Connection  =  Bliss      

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Florence is traveling Internationally  so contact to find out when and if she is near you!
London uk

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